Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Advertising. In print and online media, creativity truly sets your message apart from the crowd.

Fonts, colors, graphics and creative style will largely determine if your advertising message is focused on by magazine, newspaper or online media readers – many of whom could potentially be your next customers. If you don't get it right, you might as well not bother spending time and money elsewhere.

Maybe in a more perfect world it wouldn't be so. But there you have it!

By keeping dynamically abreast of all that is new and exciting in print advertising solutions – and creatively contributing to them – we perfectly position clients to grab the attention of the marketplace.

Our in-house and associate talent will know the perfect ways to make your print advertising work for you and to keep well within your budget and specifications.

Fonts & colors: You already know that your product or service is the solution which a significant portion of the marketplace yearns to learn about. Capturing market attention is what we're all about. And effective advertising often starts with basics such as the ability to expertly match fonts and colors to the selected advertising medium and the market demographic being focused on. We ensure that the ads you place in the media will stand out in a world actively competing for the attention of your potential customers!

Graphics: Nothing adapts quite so fast as the human eye in its ability to screen out all that's ordinary. Or to focus on what's truly unique and interesting. Our CMYKreative advertising graphics team keeps abreast of all that is new and innovative in the world of graphic design, and the freshest techniques in bringing it to the visual page. Graphic design and its creative use are skill-sets which, above all others, set our work apart from that of competitors.

Creative style: We bring together a most talented team of visual and word communication experts with one objective in mind – making you stand out from the crowd. By thoroughly understanding your product or service, by uniquely identifying your potential clients, by expertly determining the advertising medium and approach: we ensure your total marketing success. And at each step of the way you will be part of a creative process that consistently makes our shop stand out among peers. Come see exactly what we mean.

Let us dazzle you with the advertising possibilities!

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What should you look for when hiring a Graphic Design Agency?

So, what should you look for when considering hiring a Graphic Design Agency? The most important thing is trust. As the Client, you are entrusting this Agency with your name or brand, something perhaps that has taken many years to build up. Your reputation can be ruined in days if the Agency make a mistake or simply don’t put in the time and effort required. You have to be sure that they can deliver what they promise and fulfil your expectations.

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CMYKreative are currently seeking additional staff to join our growing team. If you are a Website Developer/Programmer who is passionate about their work or a Graphic Designer who knows how to make the boring look great, find out more and get in touch with us now.

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I really enjoy working with Chris. He listens to our requirements, makes suggestions and recommendations and best of all, he delivers. He is professional, polite and always very keen to achieve great results for SCAD Foundation.

Wendy Edney, General Manager
SCAD Foundation

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