Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Graphics are the life of any message.

The sort of thing only a graphic artist might say?

Consider then that the life of your business depends on catching the eyes of decision makers who have limited time to survey the field. The one your business is in.

How much is it worth to ensure that your message is one they notice?

As master graphic designers in Bangkok, Thailand, we provide creative design services that are both proven and nouveau to industry leaders like Acambis plc, Addenbrooke's National Health Trust, Advanced Rendering Technology, Asia Design Studio, BBC, Bidwells, Bromley Sports, Carrefour, Co-op Flightdesk, Cornerstone Wines, Domino (UK) Ltd, eNetSale, ESG Direct, Everest Media, GPT Telecommunications, GSD Digital, Highgrove Consulting, ICL Computers, Insight English, Jackson Deville, King Exhibit, Life Fitness (UK) Ltd, Ocean Logistics, Perkins Parts Ltd, the Royal Society of Chemistry, Polatis, Price Sanond, PRTR Recruitment, Redmap, the Royal Air Force (UK), Sentec, SCO, SmartBead, GE Network Solutions, Technetix plc, Thomas Cook, Travel@Ease, UC Trading, Villa Medica and World of Spas – helping to keep them at the forefront of their targeted markets.

Graphic design, artwork production, brochures, corporate identity, logo design, photography, exhibition displays, powerpoint presentations, packaging, printing, websites. Our in-house talent and select service providers are renowned for not only meeting, but exceeding our clients’ exacting requirements.

On time. On budget. Every time!

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Don't forget your margins when binding!

Most Graphic Designers have learned early on that you need to take into consideration the finishing processes (folding, trimming, binding and finishing etc) before you progress too far with a design job. Not taking these things into consideration can incur costly re-designs or re-prints, for example if you did not allow a wide enough inner margin on the inside pages of a perfect bound publication. This article will help you to understand some of these processes better, and hopefully prevent you from making some of these common errors.

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Job Opportunities

CMYKreative are currently seeking additional staff to join our growing team. If you are a Website Developer/Programmer who is passionate about their work or a Graphic Designer who knows how to make the boring look great, find out more and get in touch with us now.

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We first used CMYKreative's services to develop our company web site and since then opted to use their hosting solutions as well, which has proven to be very reliable and competitively priced.

Chris at CMYKreative has walked us through the entire web development process and made sure we stayed within the agreed parameters, delivering exactly the end-product we had in mind, within budget and on-time – no small feat considering my busy schedule at that time!

As we were very satisfied with the development and hosting of this first web site, I then proceeded to move my core business into CMYKreative's hands. This required smoothly moving the existing web site + online database + mail addresses of an entire company, which is quite a tricky thing to achieve.

Chris has done a great job walking us through the process here as well, making the switch possible and ensuring that the required programming was done properly to adjust for the difference of platforms. The switch was done smoothly and swiftly, without any loss of e-mails nor disruption to the business. Once again it was done within the set time frame and within CMYKreative's estimated budget, both of which were very reasonable.

And, last but not least, I find Chris to be easily reachable and very customer-focused whenever a question or a problem arises – including those times when they are not directly involved in the matter. The communication is smooth, the prices reasonable, the cPanel hosting interface is very user-friendly, giving you full and total control over your web site and email.

I can confidently say that my businesses are in good hands with CMYKreative and I am glad to offer this testimonial so that their business can grow!

Emmanuel Garcia, Managing Director
Asia Design Studio & JoyThai Ltd.

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