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Banner ad sizes range from the small to large. Definition of banner ad size include “horizontal”, “vertical”, “skyscraper”, “square” and other descriptions. The most accurate way to convey banner ad sizes remains using its pixel dimensions, and is usually represented as width by height. Thus a banner ad size of “728 x 90″ means 728 pixels wide and 90 pixels tall.

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) specifies standard advertising banner sizes. The size (dimensions) of your banner ad is important because the sites you want to advertise on may only accept certain size ads and typically charge more for larger ads. Webmasters also often set file size limitations on specific Banner Adverts too as any image, especially multi-frame animated images add to the overall file sizes of the web page and thus increases the download time of that page.

The IAB refers to Banner Adverts as Interactive Marketing Units (IMU) Ad Formats and regularly approves new sizes and types (rectangles, pop-ups, skyscrapers, etc.) Here are a few of the most commonly used sizes:

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